Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Meet The Blogger

Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Renita Fransita. People who are close to me simply call me Sita. I'm a book-addict, make-up enthusiast, currently working as a freelance translator with high hopes of eventually become a full-time professional translator. 

I have always wanted to create a blog since I was in college, mainly just to share my thoughts about everything I've seen or experienced in my life. But it seems there's always something going on and I keep postponing my plan to create one. 

I finally got the chance to focus on creating a blog when my husband and I decided to get married. I wanted to create a blog as a place for me to share all the information related to my wedding preparation, like all the vendors, catering, entertainment, documentations and many more. 

However, I will not only post wedding-related stuff. I will also share my thoughts about relationship, life, make-up, books and all things came up in my head. I am known among my friends and family as a loud person, so I hope I will always be inspired to post something in my blog. The possibilities are endless :) 

I hope my blog will be as inspiring and helpful as it is pleasurable to write :) 

See ya!


  1. Welcome to the jungle, Jeung. Jangan bosan. #Goposting

    1. Makasih, Bang Anwaaaaar. Besok-besok kalo diriku nanya-nanya mulu jangan bosen juga ya :)